The 2nd leap is harder than the 1st jump

A lot of people make their first big jump or decision without an elaborate plan. We have our ‘Aha’ moment of that’s what I’m meant to do with my life, that’s what is going to give me everlasting happiness and we go for it. We start a new challenging job, decide to go back to school, decide to move to the other side of the world or give up our job and work as a freelancer. Our first jump can also be the decision for a life changing event. To act on our ‘Aha’ decisions we jump in and go for it. Sure we weigh out our options and make a plan before we actually do it but then we close our eyes and jump. We are full of hope and excitement and convinced that this is it!

We start this new adventure and have big successes or settle into it slowly and then realize that although we are happy with our choices and experiences we also feel there is more in store for us. It then becomes time for our second leap. Now the second leap becomes harder because we have learned from our first jump. We found out that by crossing our fingers and jumping in we managed to hold our head up high in the end but only after we overcame setbacks and learned some difficult life lessons.

The Second Leap

So when the second leap comes around, it takes us a little longer to make the decision and actually create a plan and go for it. This is because we’ve learned from our mistakes the first time around and we now know how emotionally challenging going through a life changing experience can be. We jumped into our first life changing event telling everyone, ‘This is it! This is what my life is meant to be, this is my road to happiness’. We also convinced ourselves that this was it, even if only to motivate ourselves to take that first jump. Now the second time around we have to tell people that this new life change is ‘IT’, we tell them we have a new road to happiness. We also have to convince ourselves that we still know what we are doing despite thinking that our first jump was the answer.

Your first big jump was the answer, at the time. Now you have grown and found a new answer to making your life happier. This does not mean you were wrong the first time. This simply makes you are a go-getter, you’re someone who wants more out of life. Know this, we do not have to have all the answers to begin with and happiness is not an end goal. Being happy is part of the journey. Happiness is embracing and enjoying each adventure and change.

My first big leap on my own was moving to China where I worked as a business English trainer. My parents moved me from country to country when I was a child so I was used to moving. I had also done several projects abroad on my own but these all had an end date with a return ticket. China however, was my first big solo jump. I knew I wanted to move abroad for a longer period of time so I gave up my apartment of nine years, moved in with my mom, wrapped up my freelance projects and started making a plan. Six weeks after my Skype interview with a Chinese agency, I found myself teaching my first class of students in Beijing. I jumped in and went for it.

After two years of working in China, I was ready for a change. I was certain, I didn’t want to return to Holland but I had no idea where to go next other than that I was still curious about South America. I also knew that I didn’t want to start at the bottom anymore career wise and that I didn’t want to trust someone else to tell me where to find suitable accommodation. These were lessons I learned from my initial experiences in China.

Throughout my decision-making process, I noticed that I was reluctant to talk about it with others, I didn’t feel anyone understood me especially since China was meant to be my big chance.  To make a long story short it took about ten months before I finally arrived in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I had become more careful in making my decision, had more doubts about whether this was a good idea and if this was actually going to make me happy.

Your Next Leap

Now it doesn’t have to be your second leap, for some people it’s their third, fourth or more but the next leap is certainly harder than the first initial jump. I am also not saying you have to move to the other side of the world like I did. Your leap could be finding a new job, starting a family or even something like starting a new hobby.

Regardless of what leap it is, with all your new found knowledge and life experience from the first jump and the mistakes you are trying to avoid, the second leap becomes more challenging. We take more time to weigh out the pros and cons and most likely take much longer to make a decision. If we let our doubts get the better of us and our surrounding factors hold us back we might never make that decision at all. But if we don’t take that next leap, we will probably feel restless and unfulfilled. So the best thing to do so we don’t get stuck and frustrated is to at least explore and seriously consider our next leap.

5 Steps to help take ‘Your Next Global Step’

What can you do to make your next leap easier? I suggest following these five steps to get a clearer view of what you want and how to make it happen.

  1. Defining your Desires – Explore what you want and why you want it
  2. Identifying the Obstacles – Ask yourself what is holding you back
  3. Weighing out your options – Research what options you have for getting what you want
  4. Describing the Process – Make a list of action steps & turn these into a plan
  5. Believing in Success– Think about how you can motivate yourself to believe & achieve your successes

Once you have completed these five steps take some time to think them over, go over them again in a couple of weeks and make adjustments if needed. After you have done this you will notice your next leap becoming more tangible and even doable. Do not let yourself get stuck in ‘What if’ or ‘If only I could’, do the work and make your next leap possible!

If you want to know more about how to complete and follow through with your plan READ more about the coaching program: ‘Your Next Global Step’

Gaby Kamp, Global Nomad Coaching

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