Health care and health insurance abroad are something you want to look into before moving abroad. Find information about global health solutions here.

Gynopedia is a wikipedia type resource for sexual, reproductive and women’s health care across the globe.user-2

Universal Doctor is a medical translation app in 13 languages, it helps patients and doctors communicate when they don’t speak the same language.

Allianz provides international health insurance coverage for individuals and families.

International Insurance offers global medical, travel and student insurance. They offer a broad range of affordable international insurance coverage.

Doctor Spring is an online board-certified doctor’s platform where you can receive medical advice or ask for a second opinion. Advised to only use when you have minor ailments or injuries.

Health and Wellness Magazine. An article with 8 Reasons Why Traveling Is Good for Your Health. ‘It helps your physical and mental health, and it’s also excellent for the soul.’

Miso is an App that will help you find healthy food places, fitness studios and gyms around you. Research options from your phone, discover new places, find exclusive deals, and build the perfect healthy lifestyle.