Global Nomads Thrive on Adventure

A Global Nomad loves and thrives on adventure. We’re willing to dive into our new adventure at the drop of a hat, but at the end of the day we still hate change. After the initial ‘Wow’ stage of our new adventure, we start having cravings. We crave things from back home or we start comparing everything with back home and a little bit of home sickness creeps in here and there.

This is a very normal process. Our physical and mental being naturally resists change. It’s human nature to want to blend in with our surroundings and create a safe and comfortable environment. Change goes against our nature.

I have met and conversed with people from all over the world, many of which have left their home country on a whim or a less than well thought out plan. They are delighted to be in a new adventurous place but at the same time rejoice when they find food in a random supermarket that is the same brand or has similarities to something from ‘back home’. We love the adventure but still have cravings for ‘normal’.

Creating a New Routine

Within our adventure and new surroundings we still search and create a new kind of ‘normal’. Our habits and patterns that we have taken on in the formative years of our early life still follow us wherever we go. We have certain routines and preferences that we feel comfortable with. Whenever we stay in one place, even if this is a place completely out of our comfort zone, we still fall back into some of our old habits albeit within an adapted pattern.

No matter where we are we always need to fulfill our basic needs. We need to eat, sleep and feel safe. Initially we try new things but after the excitement of the newness wears off we search for balance and comfort. We start to find a way to adapt our trusted habits to our new environment so we can feel comfortable. We create a new adapted routine but nonetheless a type of routine.

This balance is not easy to find, some are better at it than others. Not everyone is a good chameleon and there’s no shame in that. I’ve observed that the people who complain the most are usually the ones who have the hardest time adapting. Most of the time they blame their new surroundings instead of looking at their position in these new surroundings. They have somehow forgotten that they chose to  leave their comfortable environment and step into the unknown. Some people will adjust with time and others will only stop protesting once they’ve left or gone back to their known surroundings, only to discover that their previous comfort zone is no longer that familiar to them anymore either.

Change Becomes our New Norm

Once you leave your trusted environment you have made a choice to create a wider comfort zone and will perhaps never feel entirely at home again in any one set environment. We love adventure but hate change, but once we’ve left ‘home’ change becomes the new norm whether we like it or not. I read a powerful quote once that could apply here: ‘The key is finding the norm in adventure and finding the adventure in the norm.’

After the so many-eth adventure we find ourselves weighing out the pros and cons more and more. We start asking ourselves if the thrill of adventure still outweighs the constant change. We then need to decide if we want to uproot ourselves once more or if we want to focus on creating a stable comfortable environment where change is minimal.

Gaby Kamp, Global Nomad Coaching

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