‘Your Next Global Step’ a coaching program that will help you design and manage your desired global lifestyle. Get a clearer understanding of what it is you want, what you need to get there, craft a plan & live the life you want.

You’ve always wanted an international job or to move to another country but you don’t know where to start. Or, you’ve lived abroad for some time, feel stuck and you’re ready for your next step. Since there are so many options and decisions it’s probably easier to just stay where you are, except that’s not making you happy.  Which means it’s time to decide what to do, motivate yourself and make a plan. The 5 step coaching program will prepare you so you can take ‘Your Next Global Step’.

Your Benefits

  • You’ll have a clear picture of what direction you want your life to go
  • Have a strategy for moving ahead on your journey
  • Know how to motivate yourself to keep following your desired path
  • You’ll be enthusiastic to start your new Global Life

What are the 5 steps?

  1. Defining your Desires – explore what you want and why you want it
  2. Identifying your current Solutions  – uncover what you’ve done so far
  3. Weighing out your Options – decide on options for your next step
  4. Describing the Process – make a specific plan for action
  5. Believing in Success – challenge yourself to achieve your successes

Included in ‘Your Next Global Step’

  • Orientation Session
  • For 10 weeks your coach will guide you in completing all 5 steps
  • 5 online sessions with your coach
  • Email support throughout the coaching period
  • Coaching Handbook where your decisions and action steps are crafted and noted
  • Progress will be tracked and encouraged by your coach
  • Your personal Global Lifestyle Plan with how to put it into action


€ 449   

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