Moving to a new city alone can be quite lonely in the beginning. The best way to meet locals or connect with like-minded nomads is to join social events.

Internations a global community for expats and global citizens. Sign up to the free version and get information about the social events that are organized in the city you are currently in. You can also connect with members from all over the world on a social platform. The premium version offers access to forums and useful information for moving abroad.

Meetup is an App that uses your current location to find meetups that have been organized near you. Meet locals or like-minded expats and nomads by going to meetups. The activities are very diverse, you can find groups that go hiking, play music together or meet at pubs.user-9

Digital Nomads Around the World is a facebook group where digital nomads (people who are not dependent on location to make money) share advice and tips related to living the digital nomad lifestyle. Read more about digital nomads

Like a Local is an App where you can get tips about the best local restaurants and sights given to you by locals. It has also added a new feature where you connect with fellow travellers.

MisterB&B is an LGBT Community where you can connect with and find a place to stay within the LGBT community.

The Black Expat is a digital platform focused on global mobility and black identity. They provide firsthand accounts on international experiences and key advice on cross-cultural living.