gaby_siteI am Gaby Kamp, your Global Coach. Originally from the Netherlands, I decided several years ago to broaden my horizons and become a Global Nomad. Having spent most of my childhood living in a variety of countries, I realized that I always had this underlying restless feeling that was urging me to venture out again. To expand on my interests in cultures and my experience in working with culturally diverse clients, I chose to live and work in countries that would greatly add to my awareness of cultures and global customs. Over the past years, I have worked in Nigeria, China, Argentina and Northern Ireland. I am currently living a ‘location independent’ lifestyle, in which I can work from anywhere.

From my experiences, I’ve gained firsthand insights into what it’s like to plan and maintain a global lifestyle. I’ve also learned how to cope with the numerous challenges that come with transitioning into new cultures and environments. In my role as a Global Transitions Coach, I draw from these experiences and guide people in achieving their own personal successes.

Professional background  My professional experience includes; counselling, training, teaching, and coaching. Throughout my career, I have aimed to create awareness for intercultural communication and cultural diversity. I have done studies in Training and Human Development, hold a BSc in Social Work and Social Sciences, and have completed the Certified Coach Program by Coach Training Alliance an ICF (International Coach Federation) accredited Mentor Coach Program.
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